Headhunting & Executive search

Recruiting senior management positions, functional managers and specialists

Headhunting today is a broad term. Many companies claim to offer headhunting but in many cases it is synonymous with database searches, advertising or recruitment selection. Probe Solutions offers headhunting and search services which consist of five distinct stages:


Everything starts with an initial start-up meeting to understand the context of the recruitment. Critical factors for business success are dissected and the necessary qualifications for the role are determined. We use experience from our own careers as a tool, together with proven methodology, to gain the insight and feeling that is needed to understand the recruitment in its entirety. Another important factor is that it is we ourselves who attend the meeting and then execute the process rather than handing over to less experienced or junior staff.


We use two main sources for our recruitment: our own network of informed and senior people, together with a systematic research. We use the sharpest tools for the purpose of adapting methods and approaches unique to each occasion. We use no advertising in our assignments. We concentrate and put full attention onto proactive self-selected contact sources. To seek contact with candidates requires great skill and professionalism. It is important to convey an accurate picture of the position sought and be capable of understanding subtle details – and in parallel, to provide advice and recommendations in the form of dialogue about the candidate’s questions and concerns in relation to his career and the current position in question. We are confident that our commitment allows us to get close to each candidate, which in turn increases our chances for a better long-term end-result for all parties.


We believe it is “how” a person does something that makes it possible to predict the person’s future actions in given situations. Our interview methodology is based mainly on ”how”- and skills-based questions. It is the ensuing dialogue which enables us to assess how far the candidate matches the needs of our client and how likely it is that our candidate can provide the performance needed to succeed in their task.

We use extensive reference checks to further ensure our perception of the candidate, compared with people who have different historical relationships with the candidate. By agreement we conduct personality tests and proficiency tests for which we ourselves hold certifications or work in partnerships with other experts for various other assessments.


We work with long-term thinking for both client and candidate. It is important to show all sides and angles, and to remain objective and consultative. We invest in deepening our relationships with both client and candidate throughout the process and expect no surprises at the final stage of the recruitment. We discuss and clarify the questions and concerns that arise naturally through the process so that there is full transparency for all parties.


A major source of continued success is to follow the work started. We are engaged and interested in how well the recruitment works out over time, and the experience of both client and candidate overall. This is important in how we continue to work with our mission. Our extended contact strengthens our relationship, which leads to the fact that about 70% of our assignments come from existing customers. We keep our clients and candidates continually updated throughout the process.